Contact Info

To contact the UAlbany Planning Studio conducting the study:

Omar J. Peters
Arts and Science 218
1400 Washington Ave
Albany NY, 12222

Email: omarj.peters (at)


2 responses to “Contact Info

  1. hi omar…..i’m a 33 year resident of and home owner in the village of kinderhook and very interested in this project. please keep me updated through email as your program moves forward. i’ll be looking for your promised survey. i’ve bookmarked your website which, btw, is very attractive and informative. it provides a lot of useful information. the map is particularly helpful. one question i do have is how many miles of continuous rail/trail are contemplated in this project?…..hope to hear from you…..thanks for your interest in our community…….jerry:D
    ps….i know you’re a student…..may i ask where you are from and why you have signed on to this project?

  2. Hi Jerry-

    Omar was one of the U Albany graduate planning students that the K-S-S I-T committee hired as consultants for the trail feasibility study. The U Albany 2010 Planning Studio has finished its portion of work on the study, and has submitted a draft report to us. There are a couple of other students that will stay on the project next semester helping with final edits. Responsibilities for this website have been handed over to me, and I’ll be updating the contact info, links to the draft documents, etc. shortly.

    Regarding mileage of the trails covered by this study – It’s about 11 miles total, with 6 miles proposed over the former rail line, and 5 miles along the East side of Kinderhook Creek.

    Thanks for your interest,

    -Don Meltz

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